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Book no.1
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Bruce Johnson, the author, is a heart attack survivor and he wants to get the word out. While much has been written about the medical side of heart attacks, little has been written about the emotional and human side of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease. It really doesn't matter what sparks the sudden Coronary Thrombosis (MI), the medical term for a heart attack. This disease is an equal opportunity killer. Men, women, young, old, rich, poor, famous and people who aren't known outside of their families and workplaces! Dead is dead and by most accounts the one million people who will have heart attacks this year might have been spared had they made a few lifestyle changes. That's what the country's cardiologists are begging for today. The author interviewed dozens of candidates but he wanted a diverse group of heart attack survivors who represented a cross section of America. He found them and in some cases, they heard about his project and found him. These are their stories of regaining life after a heart attack!

Book no.2
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When he left Georgetown University, Victor Page was headed to the NBA with a “can’t miss” label on his jersey; But Victor Page’s pro career was soon blown apart. The violent streets that killed his mother and father were also calling Victor and eventually they got him. Until “All or Nothing, The Victor Page Story, no one has been able to uncover the secrets of what really happened to this incredible basketball prospect. Bruce Johnson is the first reporter to get Page to give up the good and the incredible bad events! When they recruited Page to the prestigious university and legendary basketball program, neither John Thompson nor the Georgetown University administration saw this tragedy coming. Or did they? Some argue that the kids from DC’s streets had no place at Georgetown University in the first place. That Victor Page was lethal from the start! Others argue that Page was the kind of project that the Jesuit school was meant to take on!

Book no.3
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Published by Post Hill Press and distributed by Simon and Schuster, Johnson’s memoir chronicles the hardships he experienced as a youth in Louisville, Kentucky where he was raised by a single mother. Hardships and life lessons in his early years prepared him for some of the trauma-inducing periods during his career. He shares those experiences and valuable life lessons in the book. Bruce was a highly-respected and decorated Washington, DC icon.  For many years, he was the region’s best and most trusted news source for up-to-the-minute news in Washington DC.  Throughout his career, he demonstrated his depth of knowledge and keen understanding of his audience which Washingtonians relied on. Bruce also authored 2 additional books, Heart to Heart and an e-book titled, All or Nothing: The Victor Page Story.

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